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Beyond The Morning Sun Cover Medium
Beyond The Morning Sun
Paul Morris

Author: Paul Morris was a successful lawyer in a previous life. With his wife’s blessing, he gave up this lucrative profession to concentrate on writing. As one of the most successful writers for Seven Arches Publishing’s Time Traveller Series with his book about Alan Turing, Paul is often in demand for talks and signings for ‘Time Traveller Danny and the Codebreaker’. His research about the misunderstood genius was so meticulous even staff at Bletchley Park cannot fault his facts! (And they love his book).

Beyond the Morning Sun. Written in 41 quatrains, this poem tells the story of a child whose father, a sergeant in the British army, is sent out to fight in Afghanistan. Seen entirely through the eyes of the child, the reasons for the adults’ actions are only partly understood. His (or her) home, mum, dad, family members and friends are the child’s world and the people who live in Afghanistan are shadowy figures he or she does not understand. The climax comes when the ‘big green army plane’ brings Dad home. Dad steps down off the plane with his body in one piece but his mind has not been so lucky and smiles quickly turn to tears.

Fiction: Narrative poem ISBN: 978-0-9564869-5-0
Pub Date: October 2014 Format:
Paperback Pages: 70
Size: 185 x 130 mm
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