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Danny And The Codebreaker

Time Traveller Danny and The Codebreaker
Paul Morris

The heat is stifling, the noise a deafening chatter of clack-click-clacking and the smell a suffocating stench of oil, grease and hot machinery. And it all came from those two great slab-like machines standing in the middle of Hut No. 1 at Bletchley Park.
‘Meet ‘Victory’ and ‘Aggie’, they’re  code-breaking machines! They help us do our thinking, so that we can go on breaking  Germany’s Enigma codes’ shouts Professor Turing above the noise.  
Danny suddenly realizes that what he is looking at is Turing’s now famous  machine that gave birth to the modern computer!


Fiction: Children ISBN: 978-0-9567572-6-5 Pub Date: 2012
Paperback Pages:172 Size: 198 x 129 mm
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