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Jo Meets Shakespeare
Time Traveller Jo Meets Shakespeare
Sarah Garrett & Morag Ramsay

During a school visit to the new Globe theatre in London on the banks of the Thames, Jo Kelly finds out that she has been chosen by the mysterious civilization from the future to travel back in time to when Shakespeare was a boy in Stratford-upon-Avon. Her excitement is intense but she is sworn to secrecy. She cannot tell her friends.  Dressed in the clothes of a Tudor merchant’s daughter, Jo finds herself watching a colourful troupe of players performing in the courtyard of an inn. The thirteen-year-old Will Shakespeare is at her side, laughing and joking.
Her next trip back in time during Shakespeare’s life time is much more dangerous. The air is filled with the smell of burning, smoke is catching her throat and Jo is paralysed with fear. She and a boy called Alex from the twenty-first century are among the crowd watching a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre. The date is 1613. All eyes are on the stage, but the thatched roof of The Globe is burning!  No one moves until Alex leaps onto the stage and yells ‘Fire!!’  History records that all escaped alive, but history did not know that Jo and Alex were there!  Will they both get out before the burning building collapses?

Fiction: Children ISBN: 978-0-9567572-3-4 Pub Date: 2013
Paperback Pages: 158 Size: 198 x 129 mm
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