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Time Traveller Danny And The Belle Vue Barbary

Time Traveller Danny And The Belle Vue Barbary
Paul Morris
A special edition for the Manchester people who remember Belle Vue. An extract from the soon to be published ‘Paradise Machine.’

‘Yes indeed. My brothers and me, we’re going to turn Belle Vue Zoological Gardens into something special. Our late father Mr John Jennison, rest his soul, opened here over thirty-five years ago and built up from nothing. Not bad for a jobbing gardener. And just look at it now – the finest spectacle in Manchester: no, in England!

It is the 20th April 1872 and Danny, a boy from the 21st century,  is standing next the proud owner of Belle Vue, Mr Jennison. They and a cheering crowd are waiting for the elephant, Maharajah to arrive. The elephant has walked with his keeper all the way from Edinburgh to Manchester!

Danny Higgins is an experienced agent for SHARP. When the Dark Chaos almost destroyed mankind, the few people remaining were mostly scientists, who had worked at the forefront of technology. They created an organisation called SHARP and recruited young people from the 21st century to travel back in time to record the traces of evil that were bleeding  through  from another dimension in which only ultimate evil existed.  Hovering between earth and that other dimension is STRAP, the enemy of SHARP, hell bent on ensuring the world’s destruction is complete.

Fiction: Children ISBN:978-0-9564869-9-8 Pub Date: 2015\2016
Paperback Pages: 84 Size: 198 x 129 mm
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