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Michael Rosen Interview

Watch Seven Arches Publishing's exclusive interview with Michael Rosen.

He discusses the inspiration behind the two Boris Letters books, St. Pancreas Defendat Me and Farce Majeure and reads excerpts from both volumes.

The Boris Letters Sale

Boris Letters Vol I+II

To mark the publication of Farce Majeure - The Boris Letters Vol II, Seven Arches Publishing is offering both volumes of Michael Rosen's satirical tomes at a discounted price for a limited time only.

Farce Majeure is currently available for a special offer price that includes a 20% discount!

St. Pancreas Defendat Me is on sale with a whopping 25% off RRP!

Chats with Cats

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Special Offer Price - 20% off!
Seven Arches Publishing has once again teamed up with Michael Rosen to produce a book based on his chats with his cats.

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Chats with Cats

Michael Rosen

Farce Majeure

Michael Rosen

St. Pancreas Defendat Me

Michael Rosen

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Elephants Don't Lay Eggs

Jane Schaffer, Illustrations by Rebecca Hodgkinson

Does The Tardis have a Carbon Footprint

Rachel, Ethan and Sarah Garrett

Beyond The Morning Sun

Paul Morris

‘The poem evokes the emotions and experiences that I am sure many military families will have had to cope with... highlighting the impact operational military service can have on families, and particularly children.’
-Iain Standen, Chief Executive Officer, Bletchley Park.

‘Paul's poem is great, really strong, love it.’
-Matt Black, Derbyshire Poet Laureate.

Peterloo Poems by Manchester People

Compiled and edited by Paul Morris

Time Traveller Handbook For Sharp Agents

Read this handbook from cover to cover. Ensure you understand all instructions completely.
You may wish to memorise as much of it as possible, particularly if you are intending to travel through time and space as a fully recognised and approved SHARP Agent. Read it a few times: you will find the details stick in your mind.
Please note that the guidance in this handbook replaces any previous guidance you may have received. We are constantly improving our technology and some of our earlier requirements are no long necessary or operative.
This handbook will be retrieved by SHARP from time to time when updates are necessary. Alternatively you can receive updates if you have the SHARP app on your phone or computer.

You might find it helpful to refer to this handbook when reading about the adventures of other SHARP Agents.
At the back of this handbook we have supplied you with a bonus copy of the SHARP Technical Reference Manual & Glossary to help you to understand some of the terms used by SHARP. You will also find it a helpful source of general SHARP information.

Get the e-Book for Kindle from Amazon

Time Traveller Handbook For Sharp Agents